In order to create learning communities that help churches reframe their God-given mission, relearn the ways of Jesus in community and release their God-given potential within an ever-changing cultural context, Three Rivers Collaborative places the highest value upon the following, all built upon the highest of Christologies:

reframe. relearn. release.


Creating and cultivating a culture of collaboration will be foundational to everything we do as a learning community. The ability to work and dream alongside each other with a kingdom mindset will not always result in agreement on theology, doctrine, or practices.  But it does signify that we understand the idea of the kingdom of God is much bigger and grander than any one church and that by learning in community, both in our successes and failures, we are better together.



The ability to have a holy curiosity both about the ways of Jesus for each of our communities and for each and every person we encounter is absolutely critical in the church today. We believe the church’s inability to be curious has not only led to a diminished understanding of God but has also resulted in an uninformed missional understanding. The prevailing ecclesial logic tends toward simply being the distributors of answers, when in actuality, faith communities who instead learn to ask the right questions find themselves more aligned with the ways of Jesus.


As we enter into a post-pandemic season of being the church, the value of creativity is of the highest premium. God, the most creative of all, has gifted and called each of us (individually and corporately) to innovate and adapt as we consider any and all expressions to see his kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. TRC desires to come together as learning communities to expand our view of God and his church, opening ourselves up to this spirit of creativity so that we might bring beauty, restoration and ultimately hope to a broken world.


It will take courage for churches to collaborate, to ask the questions that no one else is asking, and to think and act creatively as we consider God’s call for each of our faith communities. To lead God’s people to a reframing, relearning, and releasing, each learning community will need to employ a courage that empowers. This courage will prepare each church to enter into an ever-changing culture with a story of hope and liberation through Jesus that offers real and eternal life in the here and now.

Common Good

Each learning community in TRC will set out for itself a goal that we all might come to embody in each of our contexts: an experience of the kingdom of God that is better than any of us have ever experienced or even suspected. We value a vision of the kingdom that pursues the common good, a wholistic good news, one that desires and pursues through the restorative power of Jesus—a world set right.